Meet the Leader


Mr. Puspa Ratna Maharjan (Dhana), the owner of Ujwal Carpet Udhyog, is a self-made entrepreneur, a gifted carpet maker and a socially active human being. Mr. Maharjan has always been passionate about carpet designing and the weaving process. He always tries to get newer design ideas, as well as research and device improvements in the existing weaving process. His passion for new ideas drives him to visit places, meet new people and engage in idea-sharing platforms as much as possible. His journey in the carpet industry began in 1989. Starting with a small carpet manufacturing company, he worked as a graph designer for around 5 to 6 months, then he joined a very reputable carpet manufacturing company as a supervisor. He got valuable first-hand experience there, while managing around 50-60 employees during his two years working with this company. Mr. Maharjan then joined another big carpet manufacturing company as a production manager. As the production manager, he made frequent visits to the factory, he supervised the weaving process, he made the calculations about wools and inventories and he managed the workers. The work he did during his stay at these various carpet manufacturing companies made him confident about his creativity and his managerial capabilities. He started working as a part-time freelancer for a while and then later on he decided to focus on the whole process of carpet making in a more formal way. He decided to start his own creative carpet manufacturing company and shortly after formed Ujwal Carpet Industry in 2007. Mr Maharjan has always been passionate about quality and a dedication to work. In order to maintain quality, he performs a variety of the research himself, and he participates in the research works of other people and organizations. He loves to talk about ideas to create new designs and customized carpets. So if you have something in mind, do connect with him.