Kimberly Altman

I would like to thank Mr. Pushpa Maharjan and his team so very much for making a most beautiful 9' x 12' area rug for my master bedroom. He matched the color of my bedspread to the main rug color perfectly and the design and colors around the border turned out exactly as I had hoped, both color-wise as well as design-wise.

Mr. Maharjan was fantastic to work with! Although we had a 12 hour or more time difference, I could always count on his responding to my messages with questions or comments immediately.

Though at first I was a bit hesitant to work with a company so far away from my home in Southern California, it became clear very quickly that Mr. Maharjan was someone I could trust implicitly and I had no concerns about wiring the money to him for my deposit and for my final payment.

Mr. Maharjan sent me pictures and videos all along the way, which was not only very interesting for me to see the process involved in the manufacture of a rug such as this one, but it also gave me the confidence that the area rug that I would receive would be a beautiful one!

My rug far exceeded my expectations! I will be posting some photos of it as soon as my bedroom walls have been painted and I am able to put my bedroom together, with my rug being the main attraction! 

Thank you, Pushpa Maharjan and Ujwal Carpet Udhyog, for creating the beautiful area rug that I wanted and envisioned but that I didn't know if I would be able to make happen. It most definitely happened and I am your most ecstatic and fervent fan! I would definitely refer you and your company and I will no doubt use your services again!!